Prevent stroke and go for a walk

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Prevent stroke

If you walk at least two hours a week, you can prevent strokes.

(16.03.2010) You should go for a walk at least two or at best more hours per week, because this way you can successfully reduce the risk of stroke. Prof. Martin Grond of the German Stroke Society points out this connection and refers to a current analysis of the "Women's Health Study".

This study looked at how regular walks could lower the risk of stroke. It has been known for a long time that regular exercise can prevent strokes. But so far it has always been assumed that it has to be active sport in order to have a corresponding effect. However, the Women's Health Study came to the conclusion that regular walks also reduce the risk of stroke.

The long-term study evaluated data from around 40,000 women aged 45 years and over. The women were asked about their way of life by means of questionnaires. Since 1992 the questionnaire has been submitted to the test subjects every 2 to 3 years. The scientists were also able to inspect the study participants' medical files. Based on this data, it was found that those women who often go for a walk suffered 30 percent fewer strokes than women who did little exercise. Women who "walk" (fast walking) fell by up to 37 percent less from a stroke. Prof. Grond therefore recommends taking a walk for at least two hours a week or more. In addition, a healthy diet also has a positive effect. (sb)

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