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Diabetes Society: Diabetics should have their eyes checked regularly by an ophthalmologist.

People with type I and type II diabetes should have their eyes examined by a doctor at regular intervals. This is what the German Diabetes Society (DGG) points out on the occasion of the nationwide "Week of Seeing". Because high blood sugar and blood pressure also damage the eyes and thus eyesight.

This fact should be taken seriously. Because every year about 1700 patients in Germany go blind due to diabetes. The background of blindness is a retinal disease called diabetic retinopathy. The disease is usually only diagnosed when it is very advanced. Those affected already suffer from impaired vision. The Diabetes Society therefore recommends that people with type I diabetes be checked regularly from the 5th year of the disease. Type II diabetes patients, on the other hand, should have their retinas examined once a year. Only a regular medical check-up can reduce the risk of blindness. (sb)

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