Dogs who drink a lot may have diabetes

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Dogs drink a lot and often this could be a sign of diabetes

Dogs who drink a lot, may suffer from diabetes, according to the latest announcement from the Federal Association for Animal Health in Bonn. According to the experts, dogs that eat a lot and still lose weight could also have diabetes. See also: Strong thirst; strong feeling of thirst.

30,000 diabetic dogs in Germany The Federal Association for Animal Health assumes that around 30,000 dogs in Germany suffer from diabetes, with smaller dogs such as dachshunds, poodles and beagles being particularly affected. As with humans, dogs must be treated with insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. The correct dose is determined by the veterinarian. In order to facilitate the regulation of the blood sugar level, the experts recommend a strict feeding concept (consistent type of feed, amount of feed and feeding time).

However, dog owners should take into account that the insulin approved for dogs consists of an amorphous insulin and a crystalline insulin, the maximum effect of which occurs on the one hand shortly after the injection and on the other hand after about 7 to 8 hours, which must be taken into account when feeding is. The experts also recommend dog owners to use food with a high proportion of crude fiber. The adjustment to the ideal body weight (weight loss, weight gain and the minimization of physical and psychological stress (e.g. no unusual physical stress) is particularly important for dogs with diabetes.

Avoidance of consequential damage If the sugar level in the dog's blood is too high for a longer period of time, this can result in changes in the eyes, for example, or even blindness. Nerve damage as well as kidney and heart diseases cannot be ruled out. However, if the insulin dosage is set properly in consultation with the veterinarian, the consequential damage caused by diabetes can be delayed and in some cases completely prevented. (fp, 09.11.2010)

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