Naturopathic practice Volker Weber

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Mainz: Naturopathic Practice Volker Weber

Main focus of the practice: My many years of experience as an alternative practitioner show that only one thing matters: seeing each patient individually and creating a treatment concept that is tailored to him personally. A detailed discussion forms the basis of every treatment. For diagnosis I use naturopathic diagnostic methods but also laboratory tests from the blood. I prefer to use colon hydrotherapy and fasting according to Dr.F.X.Mayr in my practice. a. Infusinos treatments, chiropractic and other naturopathic treatments are also used. The focus is always on the person as a whole.

Naturopathic practice Volker Weber
Nelly-Sachs-Str. 34
55129 Mainz
Tel: 06131-504888
Mail: [email protected]

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