HIV process on World AIDS Day

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Trial of an HIV-infected person on World AIDS Day

Ironically, on yesterday's World AIDS Day, a trial against an HIV-infected person should take place at the Wesel district court. According to the court, the trial date was deliberately not set on World AIDS Day. The trial date, however, failed because the accused had not appeared.

An HIV-infected person should be tried on World AIDS Day at the Wesel district court. The accused is accused of being guilty of dangerous bodily harm. The prosecutor accuses the 36-year-old man of having had unprotected traffic with his girlfriend, even though he already knew about his HIV infection. The sexual act also gave birth to a child that was born in April this year. However, the accused did not appear on the court date, so an arrest warrant has now been issued. According to the court, a new date for the trial will not be found before March 2011. The woman or child was not reinfected, the judge said. However, the accused had known about his infection long before. The man had already admitted this in a police questioning. Neither the victim had filed a complaint, nor has anyone been harmed. But why is the negotiation taking place anyway?

The case was not reported by the girlfriend herself, but by the local immigration office. Since the accused was "illegally in Germany", the authorities had searched for him. It would have been unclear to the immigration office whether the man came from Liberia or Nigeria. Most recently, the accused stated that he was Nigerian. The University Hospital Essen's findings on the HIV infection also came to light through investigations by the official staff at the responsible federal office. The court dealt with the case because the accused lived in Hamminkeln at the time and allegedly made false statements about his current whereabouts. In the first place, it appears as if one wants to prove to the man that the child was conceived for the purpose of residence status. The responsible public prosecutor told "RP Online" that the man "made his own residence permit" with the child.

Now, in our opinion, the suspicion arises that one wants to make the man “thing fest” about the HIV infection. In our view, there is no clear connection between the two facts. If convicted, the man may face deportation and, according to the Criminal Code, a sentence of 6 months' imprisonment. Depending on the circumstances of the deed, intent or reasons, the sentence is reduced or increased. We will continue to report. (sb)

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