Avoid stress and sun in white spot disease

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Avoid stress and sun in white spot disease

The professional association of German dermatologists advises patients suffering from white spot disease to avoid sun exposure and stress. Both have an unfavorable effect on the clinical picture and could aggravate existing symptoms.

Avoiding sunburn People who suffer from white spot disease should avoid too much sun and stress according to the professional association of German dermatologists, as both would have an unfavorable effect. The white spot disease made the skin more sensitive to UV radiation. Although the radiation is also used for therapeutic purposes, those affected should definitely avoid sunburn. Then the difference in skin pigmentation would be less noticeable, according to the professional association of German dermatologists. According to the association, stress also has a negative effect on the clinical picture. It is considered a "trigger factor" and can exacerbate the disease.

What is white spot disease? Vitiligo, the so-called white spot disease, is a chronic skin disease that is not contagious. Experts believe that around two percent of people worldwide suffer from it. The skin looks blotchy due to the white, pigment-free skin areas. It is assumed that the affected domestic areas have too high a hydrogen peroxide content, which counteracts the formation of melanin, the dye of the cells. If the hydrogen peroxide content decreases again, the cells can produce melanin again and give the skin its original color.

The cause of the disease has not yet been fully clarified. There could be a malfunction in the metabolism of the thyroid gland or a disturbance in the immune system. Research has shown that white spot disease often occurs together with other diseases such as type 1 diabetes or thyroid disorders. Dermatologists from the professional association of German dermatologists explain that the disease is neither painful nor contagious. Affected people suffered primarily from vitiligo psychologically, as it is very noticeable due to the white spots. (ag)

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