Clinic confirms reports of wrong doctor

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False doctor worked for two years at the Marburg University Hospital

Apparently, a false doctor worked at the University Hospital Marburg for two years, who later also carried out operations at the Magdeburg Clinic and may have caused the death of a patient. On Monday, the University Hospital Gießen-Marburg confirmed the press reports from the weekend, according to which the 47-year-old accused worked from November 2002 to October 2004 as an assistant doctor in the Marburg clinic for neurosurgery.

In Magdeburg, the public prosecutor is currently investigating the Jordanian-born man for alleged fraud and forgery of documents, as well as suspected negligent homicide. One patient died as a result of an intervertebral disc operation involving the wrong doctor. Now the research has shown that the wrong doctor apparently also worked at the Marburg University Hospital for two years.

Dangers to patients from the wrong doctor? Between November 2002 and October 2004, the accused worked as an assistant doctor in the clinic for neurosurgery in Marburg. "We can confirm this information today," explained the medical director of the Gießen-Marburg University Hospital, Jochen Werner. However, since the wrong doctor here - like all resident doctors - was constantly under supervision and no complaints had arisen so far, the clinic management in Marburg assumes that "a risk to patients based on current knowledge" can be excluded. However, the research was just beginning. According to media reports, the wrong doctor was also active in Regensburg, but so far there is no official confirmation.

Investigation by the public prosecutor against the wrong doctor According to the information from the University Hospital Marburg, there was nothing to complain about at the time when the man's application documents. The documents may have already been manipulated here. According to the University of Marburg, it supports the ongoing investigations by the Magdeburg public prosecutor's office "with all available means" in order to clarify the case. It is still unclear whether the wrong doctor will ever have to answer to a court in Germany for his actions. According to the report by the news magazine "Focus", the accused has been diving with his relatives for months and is now allegedly in a managerial position at a major hospital in the United Arab Emirates. It is to be hoped that no patients are endangered by possible treatment errors by the wrong doctor. (fp)

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