Acne bacteria discovered in vines

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Researchers discover acne bacteria in vines

Italian researchers discovered acne bacteria in the pulp of a vine. This find is one of the few pieces of evidence that certain bacteria are not only transferable between humans and animals, but can also be exchanged between humans and plants. The researchers named the acne bacteria in the vine after the musician Frank Zappa.

Weinstock acts as a host for acne bacteria Andrea Campisano and Omar Rota-Stabelli from the Fondazione Edmund Mach and their team discovered acne bacteria in the pulp of vines. The pathogens caught the researchers' eye when analyzing plant samples, as reported in the journal "Molecular Biology and Evolution".

Accordingly, the acne bacteria need their plant host to survive. "Like most organisms, humans have established a long-lasting community with a variety of microbes, including pathogens and intestinal-associated bacteria," the researchers write. The acne pathogen probably came into the vine 7,000 years ago. At that time, people started cultivating wine and may have transmitted the bacterium to the plants. There the pathogen occupied a kind of niche.

The acne bacterium is now called "Propionibacterium acnes type Zappae". "Zappae" stands for the famous musician Frank Zappa, whose song "Jewish Princess" was on the radio when the researchers discovered the bacterium. (ag)

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